Wedding Magic

We married in March 2010, on the island of Oahu.

Hawaiian photographer Frank Amodo shot our wedding. To see Hawaii through Frank’s lens is to see an extraordinary part of the world through extraordinary eyes.

We are touched to be included in his new ad in Pacific Weddings Magazine:

You can see a larger version of the ad on his blog. These are the photos of us that Frank included in his ad:

Frank is a true artist, a master photographer who is constantly evolving. And for our wedding, he brought along fellow master photographer, San Francisco-based Ed Pingol. They lent an incredible energy to our celebration.

An Element of the Otherworldly

Good weddings have an element of the divine to them – it’s as if something otherworldly takes over and orchestrates the weather, the mood, the timing.

I was not one of those girls who lived for her wedding. I have been lucky enough to have other big days. In the fourteen months leading up to the wedding, there were so many other things to celebrate: I defended my Ph.D., finished my Master’s in Creative Writing, wrote my first novel. My first book deal came through a little over a month before our wedding. I was a busy girl.

But as our wedding day approached, I found myself immersed in the planning – finalizing the last-minute details, helping our guests coordinate their travel plans. I never thought I would enjoy the process of putting together the event so much, but I did.

It was a very small ceremony – thirty of our closest friends and family gathered on Oahu to help us tie the knot.

And it really was one of the best days of my life. If not the best day of my life.

In the end, while all the little details came together seamlessly, the material aspects of the wedding were completely eclipsed by the meaning of the day. All of it was beautiful – the cake, the flowers, the music. But marrying my best friend and soulmate was a profoundly life-changing event for me and I will never forget how much love I felt on that day. Not only love for my husband, but love for everyone who witnessed it. And for those who couldn’t be there but sent their best wishes from afar.

Thank you, Frank Amodo and Ed Pingol, for helping us capture those extraordinary memories.

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