Let sleeping pugs lie

Our 1-year-old pug, Dexter, is a rambunctious little boy. He’ll chase, tumble, climb and chew until he’s all played out.

He is supposedly 100% pug. But I suspect he is actually a cross between a Vervet monkey and the Energizer Bunny.


But he’s the sweetest little angel puppy when he’s sleepy.

He was only 7 months old in these photos. Now that he’s older, he’s definitely calmer. But I have definitely come to understand the meaning of the saying, “Let sleeping dogs lie.”

Sleep when the baby sleeps?  I’d rather write when the baby sleeps.  😉


  1. That is ONE CUTE baby! It’s so true, that when pets are very young, they can wear you out. I’ve always had cats, and the last one that came to us, was a kitten in age. Luna is three now, but I can remember when I was so relieved when “nap time” came around.

    • Stephanie Chong says

      Thank you! I had small animals growing up – hamsters and a guinea pig – but never a cat or dog. This is the first pet I’ve ever had who felt like a member of the family. I’m sure you feel the same way about Luna! 🙂

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