Maggie Shayne’s Twilight Fulfilled

Yesterday was the release day for Maggie Shayne’s Twilight Fulfilled, the glorious finale to her “Wings in the Night” series!  As a longtime reader and fan of Maggie’s, I can’t wait to dive into this one!  For those of you who don’t know, Maggie started writing “Twilight” vampires long before (ahem) others.

Here’s the blurb:

Utanapishtim has paid dearly for the sin of creating the vampire race—imprisoned in a living death for centuries, driven to near madness. With a single white-hot glance, he immolates his descendants…and the vampire Armageddon begins.

Beautiful and deadly Brigit Poe, not wholly vampire but fiercely loyal to that shared bloodline, is called into action. She abhors yet cannot deny her destiny: to vanquish the once-great king of the immortals and save the vampire race.

Two warriors, equally matched in power and determination, are soon locked in an unwinnable battle, only to discover a passion so shocking it threatens every truth they’ve ever known—even as they must face one final battle that seems fated to end in death and heartbreak for them both.



  1. Somanath sethi says

    Respected Stephanie Mam, please answer to my question that when is serena going to find nick and her father? And if andrew was permanently hired by julian as his photographer? I m eagerly waiting the second edition of WDFTT. Ur’s faithful little friend somanath.

    • Stephanie Chong says

      Hi Somanath,
      Thanks for your questions and your support – please watch for the second “Company of Angels” book in 2012 to see what happens next. 😉
      All my very best,

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