“Chong delivers a wicked tale of a sexy guardian angel battling for a not-so-lost demon’s soul.”
New York Times bestselling author Caridad Piñeiro

“Stephanie Chong knows the soul of romance, paranormal or otherwise. She’s captured the elusive and powerful energy of the genre in a way few authors ever manage to do. Angel verses demon; redemption of the damned by the pure power of love–the heart of that story IS the heart of romance. In Where Demons Fear to Tread, Ms. Chong taps into a delicious fantasy older than time, spinning it masterfully into a sexy, moving tale that feels fresh and new. I am sincerely her newest fan.”
New York Times Bestselling Author Maggie Shayne

“A delicious debut to a sizzling new series!”
New York Times bestselling author Kerrelyn Sparks

Where Demons Fear to Tread was an exhilarating read, which I could not put down. Passion burns white-hot between Julian and Serena, and what makes it even better is that is seems so forbidden since they both are on opposite sides. Ms. Chong is a new author I will definitely be putting on my must read list. I look forward to reading her next book, The Demoness of Waking Dreams.
-Pam Matthews, Romance Junkies (4.5 blue ribbons)

Ms. Chong’s imagery was so well depicted that I honestly felt like some of the scenes would have made stunning photographs. Her sexual tension technique was built to simmer throughout the storyline and then boil over in an erotically sensual explosion. It was delicious. Overall, the story was delivered with a very well developed world and plotline. This author’s debut and first in The Company of Angels series is sure to be a hit and I will undoubtedly continue with next installment.

Night Owl Reviews (4.75 stars)

Tired of the boring paranormal romance interplay and algorithm? Give WHERE DEMONS FEAR TO TREAD a try! It’s a fresh take on paranormal romance, where both characters give equally and the plot is well flushed out and interesting. Top that off with some freaky and thrilling scenes, along with a underlying philosophy that will actually have you thinking, you’ve got yourself one interesting read!

Parajunkee’s View (4.5 Stars)

Absolutely loved it… The characters of Serena and Julian mesh so perfectly together that is like music when they interact.  I love how [Chong] shows that they each have elements of good and evil existing within themselves and nothing is black or white when it comes to redemption.  So this could have been just another angel story and luckily it doesn’t.  I read this in one night and can’t wait for the next book in this series since there are many other characters that can be developed.


This is a classic story of good and evil, but is written beautifully.  The story flows very well and you can feel the struggle Serena has with her feelings for Julian. It is a great story about love and faith I’m hoping to see more stories from this world!

Literal Addiction

Fans of the Demonica Series by Larissa Ione and the Fallen Angel series by J.R. Ward will want to read this sexy tail that Chong has spun for us in Where Demons Fear to Tread. I can not wait for the second book in the series, The Demoness of Waking Dreams. Chong has just been added to my “must read” list of authors.

The Book Nympho

I would suggest starting this book when you have a few hours of spare time because it is very hard to put down.

Caught in a FAB Romance

I loved the dynamics between the two characters and the ease of writing the author used for the reader.  It flowed wonderfully and you could feel the chemistry between the two on each page…. If you are looking for a new author to read, and love the supernatural of Angels and Demons with romance thrown in, then Stephanie Chong is the author for you.  You will be swept away in adventure, passion and redemption.

My Overstuffed Bookshelf

I just love finding terrific authors that are new to me. It’s just like Christmas, and Stephanie Chong’s Where Demons Fear to Tread was a welcome gift…It is almost impossible to put down because once it gets moving, it moves quickly. Lucky for us, there appears to be more of this wonderful storyline in the future.

Wendy MitchellYou Gotta Read Reviews

This story starts out hot right from the first confrontation between Julian and Serena at the nightclub. Things sizzle between the Serena and Julian, and being a demon with no conscience, Julian really will stop at nothing to get Serena to bend to his will. This was a great story with well-written characters and each subcharacter is left with an open-ended story at the end of the book, I can’t wait to see where this series goes next.

Lucy Dosch, EBook Obsessed

All in all this is a must read new series starting off with a big bang that will bring the readers back for round two of this imaginative author’s next adventure. I know I’ll be there waiting to find out the questions she left us with and to find out where the story goes from here.  Thank you Ms. Chong for a most enjoyable journey to unimaginable and sometimes terrifying places, I can’t wait to return.

Debbie Haupt

This is the debut book for Ms. Chong and I must say she definitely picked the right profession. I so enjoyed this book. Once I picked it up I didn’t want to put it down until I finished. The heat between Serena and Julian seemed unearthly hot. The story line was fun and the characters were all likeable. Her supporting characters were just as intriguing as the main characters and it’s my hope we’ll be seeing more of them in forthcoming sequels.

Seduced By A Book 

All in all this is a must read new series starting off with a big bang that will bring the readers back for round two of this imaginative author’s next adventure. Thank you Ms. Chong for a most enjoyable journey to unimaginable and sometimes terrifying places. I can’t wait to return.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. It was as I’ve already stated extremely well written, fast paced and enjoyable read. I think it will appeal to romance lovers across the board including of course the paranormal romance fans…. Highly recommended.

Jennifer Donnelly, Frequent Reader, Infrequent Blogger

What happens when you pit a new angel against an at least 200-year-old seductive demon? You’ll have to read Where Demons Fear to Tread to find out. It’s a good book for those wanting to read a solid good vs. evil, angel vs. demon romance. Be sure to follow-up with the next book in the Company of Angels series, The Demoness of Waking Dreams, when it’s released in 2012.

Scooper Speaks

A wonderful refreshing and seductive read, and I would highly recommend this ‘adult fairy tale’ where two different worlds collide.

Over a Cuppa Tea 

I really grew to love the characters and became invested in their story, even shedding a tear in a couple of places!  It is a real pleasure to find a novel that gripped me and kept me wanting more.  I can definitely recommend this to paranormal romance fans looking for something fresh and new.

Nicki J. Markus 

Stephanie Chong is an author to watch. I am always thrilled when I get a chance to view such a gifted talent in it’s early stages. Where Demons Fear to Tread was a fun, sexy read that was almost impossible to put down.
I suggest you get in on the ground floor of what promises to be a smashing success of a career in the romance genre. Brava and job well done!

Rage, Sex and Teddybears 

Ah! This book, gorgeous debut! Chong writes beautifully… The story is achingly sweet with delicious scenes where Serena keeps dodging Julian’s advances while they move around in Las Vegas.

For the Love of Reading

I truly recommend this book to PNR fans. It is sexy and pretty naughty. I love a good temptation story and boy did this hit the mark. This is a great story full of love and redemption.

Offbeat Vagabond

In Where Demons Fear to Tread, we are introduced to a world of Guardian Angels and Arch Demons. I really enjoyed reading as the two forces battle for human souls and power. Though they both fight from different places within themselves (evil vs good), it was amazing what they would do to reach their ultimate goal. The fact that Stephanie Chong explained how, in her world, a person can become an Angel or Demon was both interesting and well done.

Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog 

I found that I could not tear myself away from this book until I had finished it. This was a problem as I had started it during my lunch hour. As soon as I finished work, I rushed back to the book. I wanted to trade places with Serena in a heart beat. Julian was H-O-T. The ending leads up to the fact that there will be a book two. I can not wait. Stephanie Chong is now one of my new, favorite authors.

Cheryl’s Book Nook

Its an interesting take on the Angels and Demons structure and I really liked the parallels, it made it easy to understand the implicit competitive nature between warring “companies.” It was a truly ingenious way to introduce the other angel and demon players… It works. It truly works.

Romance Books Forum